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Easy Holiday Salad

A favorite easy Holiday salad:

Lettuce of choice- I like a blend like Spring Mix

Thinly sliced Vidalia onions

Thinly sliced Red Apples (leave the skin on)

Thinly sliced firm pears

Irregular cut cold pieces of turkey breast

Dried cranberries

Toasted walnuts

Cheddar cheese cut in medium chunks (you can substitute or add Bleu Cheese)

This salad is especially pretty to serve and fun to eat when you arrange it on a large plate or platter. Put lettuce in center of plate and group the onions, apples, pears, turkey and cheese around it. Sprinkle nuts and dried cranberries over all. You can add more nuts raisins and fruits such as blueberries.

Serve the cranberry balsamic/blood orange EVOO mixture in a separate pitcher and let everyone use as much as they want.

Mix Cranberry balsamic with Blood Orange EVOO and drizzle over plated salad.

Your mix depends on your taste. Some like equal portions of oil and vinegar while others prefer a 2/3 to 1/3 mix.

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