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Sam's latest work available in both paperback and hardcopy versions.


Hard Cover signed by Sam.


They Will Stop at Nothing.

An International Conglomerate sets out to eliminate two women who stand in the way of its financial gain and power in the Hawaiian Islands.


Rosemary is forced to take the helm of the prosperous company her father spent a lifetime building in Honolulu while confronting decisions she made in the past that now could destroy everything he built.


Amanda copes with the sudden tragic loss of people she loves and the extraordinary life she has always known in Albuquerque. Unsure of what her future holds, she must decide who to trust.  She turns to Detective Gil Ward, a seasoned detective who sees the daughter he never had in Amanda and vows to keep her safe.


None can foresee the threat from those who will stop at nothing to reach their goal.


They Will Stop at Nothing