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Always Fresh Not Infused


Direct from California Growers

Other flavored oils often use heat infusion or blend with extracts to create a flavor.

Our flavored oils are crafted using a unique cold-press "fresh-fused" process.  That means only the ripest fruits and freshest herbs are cold pressed with just harvested California olives resulting in a delectable flavor fusion that sets the bar for flavored olive oils. This preserves the delicate flavor of the fruits and herbs that can be destroyed through heat-infusion and are not present in extracts.

You will taste the difference

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Hand made with love

This pottery is completely hand made with the greatest of care.

It is thrown on a potter’s wheel, dried and washed, painted with up to 14 coats of nontoxic ceramic colors and kiln dried. They are then coated with lead free non- toxic clear glaze dried by high heat. The colors will never fade or wash away.

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Fresh Crush 100% Extra Virgin 

Olive Oil

Try our wide variety of aged Balsamic and Fruit Vinegars 

Flavored Sea Salts

Our soaps are made in small batches and hand cut into extra large block that create a luscious lather and rinse clean, leaving your body feeling refreshed without stripping natural oils of your skin.

Soap and Herbs

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