Sample of Lisbon Lemon White Balsamic  #411

Sample of Lisbon Lemon White Balsamic #411


Lisbon Lemon White Balsamic


Origin: Modena, Italy. 


Flavor: Old fashioned lemonade.  Tart yet sweet and refreshing. 


Uses: Use as replacement for lemon juice on salads and in Greek recipes.  A terrific addition to any chicken or seafood marinade.  Drizzle over canned tuna.  Add a touch to pound cake.  Add to plain or sparkling water for a satisfying summer thirst quencher. 


Pairing: Oleaceae's Tahiti Lime, Blood Orange, Citrus Limon, Herbs de Provence Olive Oils and 18yr. Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar.


Size:  2 oz