Lavender Lemongrass Olive Oil Soap #1177


Enjoy this mildly fragrant and fresh lavender soap; with a touch of real lemongrass essential oil. 

7 oz.

Why use olive oil soap?

Gentle and effective, olive oil soap is a great choice to get clean and take care of your skin. Some facts about olive oil:

  • Olive oil doesn’t clog your skin

  • It’s a great antioxidant for the skin

  • Enhances exfoliation

  • Great beauty boost

Our soaps are made in small batches and hand cut into extra large block that create a luscious lather and rinse clean, leaving your body feeling refreshed without stripping natural oils of your skin. They are vegan friendly with antioxidants that help with stress as well as moisturizing dry skin.

Ingredients: Olive oil, oils of canola, palm and coconut, sodium hydroxide, sodim lactate, fragrance and/or essential oils.