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A perfect blend of sweet and sour, this balsamic vinegar will bring back childhood memories of blueberry syrup on pancakes, but with a tart, gourmet flourish. The overall flavor profile is enhanced by a subtle undertone of cloves. We love it on steaks, venison, duck or pork with Sweet Basil and Herbs de Provence EVOO.


It is great as a glaze on salmon. Wonderful in salad dressings and desserts such as Blueberry Cobbler.


It gives a nice kick to fruit salads paired with our Lemon, Tahiti Lime or Blood Orange EVOO

Blueberry Balsamic - 200/250


201 Blood Orange EVOO

202 Lemon Olive Oil EVOO

203 Tahiti Lime EVOO

214 Arbequina EVOO

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