Summer Pairings

I am not sure why but always during the winter months I want to cook and eat what we call comfort food. I make beans, chili, soups, casseroles, stews, roasts. For these I love to use my dark balsamic vinegars and olive oils such as Roasted Garlic and Italian Blend,

As the weather turns warmer and the days are longer, I start to think of fresh vegetables, salads, marinades and of course GRILLING OUT.

This year I seem to have fruits and berries on my mind. I love to have a selection in my fridge. I add not only sliced apples or pears but also blueberries, strawberries, raspberries to green salads. I frequently add walnuts or pecans to the salad also. My absolute favorite balsamic for the dressing is Mixed Berry Balsamic and either Tahiti Lime, Lemon, Blood Orange or just plain Sevillano EVOO.

My husband prefers his green salad without the fruit but loves a variety of greens such as red leaf, green leaf, arugula, baby spinach. He loves it when I add some leftover chicken and fresh basil. His favorite dressing is Strawberry Balsamic and Sweet Basil EVOO.

I also love to slice Fresh Peaches and Blueberries over cottage cheese and drizzle with Raspberry Puree Balsamic or Wild Blueberry Balsamic.

Now all balsamic and olive oil available in 2 oz. sample bottles.

Getting out.

We have all been staying very close to home for several weeks now and I know many of us have used this time to get things done. It really feels good to start and finish a task that I have put off because I was too busy and on the go.

Just cleaning out my handbag was an eye opener. Wow, did I really stuff and carry around so many things in it? I made a vow that I would not let that happen again and I would keep it not only organized but lighter to carry. Two of my favorite things that I will carry in it from now on are our Lip Butters available in 8 delicious flavors such as Sangria and Coconut and our 2 oz. bottle of Fig and Olive lotion.

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